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In September to December 2013, FemTechNet is embarking upon a Distributed Online Collaborative Course – a ‘DOCC’. The topic of this course is Dialogues on Feminism and Technology.

From FemTechNet:

Since the mid 1990s, cyberfeminists have spent significant time and energy in developing methods for inclusive teaching. The DOCC 2013 has been created as an alternative genre of MOOC, to demonstrate the innovative process of feminist thinking that engages issues of networked infrastructures for learning, learner-centered pedagogies, collaborative knowledge creation, and transformational practices of design and media making.

The DOCC is open to ‘self-directed learners’, and you can find FemTechNet’s resources for them here.

However, as the DOCC is predominantly aimed at people who are currently based at academic institutions, we were concerned that learners outside of these places would be unable to access the resources or feel included in the discussion. As outsider learners ourselves, we were unsure where we could fit into the network.

So, we decided to make our own “node”. Feral Components is a place for us to curate and collaborate our own discussions and creations as we go through the course.

This site is also intended as a resource for anyone else who would like to participate in the DOCC, but is not currently part of an academic institution – any other  ‘self-directed learners’ or feral components of the network. However, people affiliated with institutions are also welcome to participate.

Read the schedule for details, and join in!


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