This is Feral Components, a ‘self-directed’ node of the Dialogues on Feminism and Technology DOCC. Over the coming weeks, we will be participating in the DOCC in our own way. We will be compiling open-access resources, collaborating on activities (see the schedule), and tweeting using #feralcomponents. Please join in! Advertisements

This is much too late because I took some time away from the internet. Here it is now though! I have prioritised the first two readings here because they are available through the DOCC on this site, which allows user commenting alongside the articles. You need to create a login. The links below are to […]

Here are open access resources from the FemTechNet syllabi for Week 2, “Sexualities”. Some of the readings on cyberfeminism that appeared in the Prelude are listed here as well. The VNS Matrix manifesto is a reading again, along with the bitch mutant manifesto by the same group. Also linked are the cyberfeminist collectives Old Boys’ […]

During the Labour video dialogue, there’s a moment when Wajcman is discussing technological-economic change – the dominance of tech companies, the globalisation of labour markets, that sort of thing – and Balsamo asks her to go into how this affects feminism, or why feminism is relevant to this. This is the point where the discussion […]

“I wake up every morning, jump in the shower, look down at the symbol, and that pumps me up for the day. It’s to remind me every day what I have to do, which is, “Just Do It” – Twenty-four-year-old Internet entrepreneur Carmine Collettion on his decision to get a Nike swoosh tattooed on his […]

As in the previous post for the Prelude, I have gone through the FemTechNet Syllabi for this week and picked out the readings that are online for free and not behind an institutional login. There were fewer readings for this week than the Prelude, which covered a lot of ground, so I haven’t prioritised this […]

The first video dialogue is up! Anne Balsamo interviews Judy Wajcman on the “History of the Engagement of Feminism, Technology and Labor”: The first section is mostly discussion of Wajcman’s earlier work at the intersections of Marxism and feminism, in the ’70s. They then move on to talk about shifts in labour since then related […]

On the “SDL” section of FemTechNet, there’s a compilation of syllabi from the various academic institutions running the DOCC. However, many of these resources aren’t obviously accessible without an institutional login. This is a list of those that are, with links. The first four, described in more detail, are those I deemed to be the […]